Outsourced training in English

Expert Training in English

As professional trainers, we deliver curriculum directly to program participants."


A Network of Professionals


We bring our clients a network of professionals with a variety of backgrounds. It is our job is to create training curriculum to meet each individual client's requirements. As professional trainers, we deliver that curriculum directly to all program participants.

We follow a simple, yet highly effective process: analyzing your needs, assessing participants, selecting the right trainer, performing curriculum design, and then providing delivery options.

Since we are a network of professionals, we have the right person available for the right task.

Why not try "BELA"?

The online Business English Language Assessment with a live, online speaking module."


Business English Language Assessment (BELA)


We combine a 30 minute online English proficiency module with a one-on-one speaking assessment. The speaking assessment module is carried out during a brief, trainer-participant interview using your favorite chat interface and adheres to the ALTE/CEF, ‘can-do’ format.

You will receive a certificate indicating your proficiency level after successfully completing both the online and speaking modules.

Our BELA procedure insures that you and your team will receive the type of training that is most efficiently targeted to your specific needs.


Training sessions are designed to enhance English language proficiency for an international business environment."


Curriculum Design


Curriculum design is a high-level process which determines the learning to take place and the specific desired outcomes. The curriculum design process decides the core activities to be employed during the course. This process answers the questions; ‘What needs to be learned?’, ‘What resources will this require?’, and 'How will this be assessed?'

Our competitive advantage lies in designing flexible courses with cutting edge management tools. Using an intensive in person interview technique, we tailor curriculum targeting all levels of participants. Our participants are Thai business professionals who speak English as a second language.


Onsite training sessions are conducted by professionals specializing in specific areas of training."


Punctilious.org a Moodle Course Management Website


This website, punctilious.org, also serves as a course management website which distributes courseware to participants, trainers, and HR professionals.

Participants use punctilious.org to access mp3 audio, download worksheets and lesson printouts, as well as to complete assessments, quizzes and online exercises.

HR Professionals can access assessment, attendance and grade details instantly.


We design English curriculum based upon individual client requirements and then deliver via industry professionals."


Business English language functions adapted to client process


From 'Business English Essentials' (BEE) we teach integrated skills, covering everything from using the telephone to the commanding the negotiation table, we cover all levels that you might need. We do this by focusing the English instruction on specialized technical areas relevant to our participants.

Standard courses include Presentation Skills, Business Grammar, Negotiation Skills, Customer Service, Assertiveness Training, Vocabulary Building, Telemarketing and Sales Training, Persuasive English and Business Writing.